15 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Here are 15 tips I have learned over the years that help make traveling (by car) a little easier and more enjoyable for all, because let’s be honest traveling with kids is a whole different ballgame then when you travel alone or with your partner.

1. Leave early and give yourself lots of extra time to get there and back. Kids need lots of bathroom breaks and opportunities to get out and stretch.

2. Bring all your essential oils for everything from immune boosting needs, stomach aches, car sickness, mood management (for yourself and kids) , sleep aids, body aches and pains and more.

3. Have a travel diffuser to help the energy and mood of the car.

4. Bring water. Lots of it. Give every kid their own water bottle and bring enough to refill them. This will reduce the need to buy bottled water and save money and time.

5. Bring all the snacks to reduce the need to eat out. This will cut down on cost and the in-take of not so good food as finding options that are healthy while traveling that don’t require a lot of sit down time is hard to do. Especially when you’re gluten and dairy free. – A few of my favorite snacks to bring: nut butter and jelly sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, bananas, apples, pears, carrots, cut up cucumbers and carrots, granola, dry cereal, crackers and hummus, chips, fruit leather.

6. Bring bowls and plates so kids can eat easily in the car.

7. Bring blankets and pillows so they are more comfortable.

8. Bring twice as many clothes as you think you need.

9. Bring wipes and toilet paper. You’ll need them.

10. Plan to stop halfway and let the kids run and play.

11. Bring toys and activities for the car. Coloring books with crayons or washable markers, regular books, figurines, play dough, sticker books, lacing toys, etc. You can find lap trays for them to use so they can play while you drive.

12. Load up iPads with their favorite shows, movies and games. This will help your when they start to whine and aren’t interested in their toys and activities.

13. Bring earplugs for you and noise canceling headphones for kids (especially if anyone has sensory processing).

14. Be patient. With them and yourself. Car rides are fun for a little while and then everyone starts getting uncomfortable and cranky, adults included.

15. Remember to enjoy the ride and take in the views.

Traveling with kids may not be super relaxing, but it is an experience the whole family can enjoy if you have the right attitude and are prepared for the journey!

What are some of your top tips for traveling with kids?

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