20 Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations are a must-have for labor and delivery. They help you feel more empowered and focused. And if you begin to struggle or doubt your ability you can look up refocus your attention on the energy you want to bring, the process and power of birth and not what your fears are telling you.

You will want to place them where you can see them; near your bed, in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway. If you are delivering in the hospital, tape them on the walls, the door, or wherever you can focus your eyes.

When you read the words you will receive that extra boost of confidence, control and power you need to bring your baby into the world!

Here are 20 birth affirmations to choose from:

  1. Relax – I am safe and my baby is safe. 
  2. Trust – My body is not designed to hurt itself. 
  3. Trust – My body knows what to do. 
  4. Be calm – I set the tone of this labor and delivery. 
  5. Power – My body is not working against me. I am my body. 
  6. Patience – This is just one day. I can do anything for one day. 
  7. Endure – This will not last forever. 
  8. Melt – My response to pain is melting around it. 
  9. My baby knows how to be born. 
  10. My body knows how to birth my baby. 
  11. The pain can not be greater than me because it is me. 
  12. I trust the process of birth. 
  13. I accept this pain to welcome my baby into the world. 
  14. Each contraction brings me closer to meeting my baby. 
  15. I birth fearlessly. 
  16. I welcome my baby in peace and joy. 
  17. Birth is safe. 
  18. I am stronger than I think. 
  19. I call on the strength of those women who have birthed before me. 
  20. I am a birth warrior.

Pick the affirmations that resonate most with you!

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