Create A Birth Plan

The birth plan is a tool that outlines a woman’s expectations for her birth and can open communication between a woman and her care providers.

No matter where you give birth, having an idea of what you want is important. 

Use this template to express how you imagine your baby’s birth.

Close your eyes, see it, feel it, and write it!

Do you want a land or water birth?

Do you want a Doula?

Do you want to give birth at home, birth center, or the hospital?

List the people you will like to have at your birth and their functions/rolls during your labor, birth and postpartum.

In general, how do you cope with stress?

How do you cope with physical discomfort/ pain?

What are the words that you will like to hear from your partner/ family/birth team that will empower

you to keep going? What will recharge you?

Do you like massage, where?

Do you want a land or water birth?

Do you like baths and/or showers during labor?

Do you like aromatherapy, incense? What scents?

What environment do you want to create for your baby’s arrival? Do you like music, candles?

How do you feel about fetal monitoring?

Do you want pictures, video of your labor/ birth? Who will be doing that?

Do you want to feel for your own dilation, crowning, and catch baby? Your partner is up for it?

Do you want oil and perineum support during crowning?

Do you want to do cord blood banking?

Who wants to cut the cord?

If you have older children, how do you want them to be involved during labor and birth?

What will you like to have available to eat and drink while in labor and immediate postpartum?

Do you want to shower after the birth or sponge bathe in bed?

Do you want us to bathe the baby after birth with your partner/family member or you prefer to do it at a later time as a family event?

What are your plans for your placenta? Will you be encapsulating it? Eating it? Getting rid of it?

Are you planning on breastfeeding?

Are you co-sleeping?

These answers will be great tools for your birth team to facilitate, and personalize your care.

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