Community Guidelines

Know Mommy’s Nest is a private community for mindful mamas to find REAL information, REAL advice, and REAL connection. It is a place to gather KNOWledge, explore resources, create friendships and feel supported.

Know Mommy’s Nest supports all women, no matter what stage of the parenting journey you are on; deciding you want a baby, conceiving, currently pregnant, just had a baby, in the toddler stage, have kids in school or ones that have left the Nest, Know Mommy’s community is here for you.

Know Mommy is proud to offer a platform where it is safe to ask questions, share experiences, seek solutions and feel connected to a community.

Know Mommy’s Nest is focused on helping you return to your roots, connect to nature, tune in to your inner wisdom, and transform your goals into a reality; with a supportive community at your fingertips.

Know Mommy’s Nest provides and promotes open discussions on a wide variety of parenting and lifestyle topics from birth choices, plant medicines, circumcision, mental health, politicized issues, non-toxic living, and more.

Know Mommy is committed to freedom of speech, medical autonomy, and mitigating our impact on the environment. For this reason we chose to partner with Orange Website, an Iceland-based freedom of speech web hosting provider to host our server. Not only do all of their operations run on green energy and their location in Iceland provides nearly unlimited natural energy resources but they also are on a mission to provide everyone in the world an equal opportunity to publish their words freely without being harassed or censored. The services they offer are specifically designed for people who are concerned about security and privacy matters. Choosing a green web hosting provider to host our website is one step we can take to make a difference in the world and provide a safe space for women like you. 

Know Mommy hopes the Nest will be an environment where you realize you’re not alone. Feeling informed, supported, and connected to other conscious women from all over the world.

The guidelines presented here are to help Know Mommy’s Nest be a safe place for as many Moms as possible. 

Know Mommy’s Nest Rules of Conduct:

  • Be respectful of others.
  • Controversial topics and debates are encouraged. Be prepared for others to agree AND disagree with you and your ideas. Being mindful that personal attacks and insults toward others is unacceptable .
  • We have a zero tolerance policy regarding hatred & bigotry. Slurs, stereotyping, and hate speech will not be tolerated.
  • We do not tolerate racism, discrimination, bullying, harassment, or any kind of derogatory remarks or aggressive energy.
  • This means no passive aggressive bullying as well. (i.e. no passive aggressive snarkiness). If you have an issue with another member or feel unsafe, please contact a modmin.
  • Whether it’s within a group discussion, on the news feed or at a live event, Know Mommy has the right to remove content (or persons) when it poses a personal threat to members or otherwise contributes to a hostile environment that stifles parent-to-parent support and can threaten the wellness of our broader community. 
  • We have a very strict admittance policy so those that cannot be verified will, most likely, not be admitted. You may receive a message to verify you are female. 
  • If you are not trying to get pregnant, have been pregnant, currently pregnant or have kids (of any age) this probably isn’t the place for you.
  • Creating multiple personal accounts is not permitted. You may create one business account and one personal account.
  • We love supporting other moms however spam outside of group topics and forum threads will be deleted and you will be notified.
  • Do not send unsolicited PMs or emails to our members advertising your business, services, and/or products. 
  • You are not permitted to share anyone’s personal information with someone unless you’re absolutely certain it is safe to share with that person. This includes anything another user shared with you in private.
  • Don’t do anything criminal or illegal or encourage anyone else to do so.
  • If you are in need, reach out to Know Mommy directly and we can set up a community campaign with you. Please don’t ask other users for help in the form of money, gifts, or donations. 
  • By coming into this safe space, you agree to respect people’s privacy. Taking screenshots of conversations reposting them elsewhere is a bannable offense, as are any derogatory remarks about Know Mommy or its members. 
  • This group tries to promote women and mothers everywhere and posts that mom shame anyone will be deleted. You can have an opposing opinion and still be respectful. There are plenty of places that allow bullying and derogatory remarks, this is not one of them. 
  • Please do not expect other women to use trigger warnings. It is nobody’s job to manage your triggers for you. If you are triggered please take care of yourself. Feel free to contact Know Mommy with any issues you have. 
  • Keep an eye out and report any problems you see on the site including posts that violate these guidelines, anyone you suspect doesn’t belong, or buttons/links that are not working.
  • Medical Advice Disclaimer:
    Know Mommy’s Nest is provided for discussion and information sharing only. Messages posted are the opinion of the poster. Information conveyed in posts is no substitute for consultation with a qualified healthcare provider. Know Mommy is not responsible for and does not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information contained on the site. Please consult your health care provider for advice on your own personal medical condition.
  • Rules are subject to change. Know Mommy and Know Mommy’s Nest is an ever evolving site.
  • The Know Mommy Nest User Agreement is not up for discussion, debate or challenge. Policies and official Administrator actions are not up for debate, discussion or challenge. If you feel that someone is in violation of our policies, user agreement, or is in any way a threat to the safety of the community, please address your concerns to an Admin immediately.
  • If you have a problem with these policies and want to discuss them, please Contact Know Mommy directly.